Thursday, March 30, 2006

Questions about life in Italy!

I never anticipated that I would become somewhat of an expert on such things as how do you bring your pets to Italy, what about residency, can you teach English if you don't speak Italian! I guess I'm living proof that in the words of the ancient Chinese proverb; "May you live in interesting times!" is not always a curse.
Having arrived in Umbria with our worldly belongings and dogs and cat after a stressful three day drive in convoy through France and down into Italy from the Channel Islands, we have survived numerous adventures good and bad and STILL love it here. This evening we sat out in our back garden with the animals until 8.30pm sipping wine and mulling over the day.
I have been a TEFL teacher since October 2004 in Arezzo, which is a far cry from previous work experiences but has enriched my life beyond all I had hoped. Having taught children from eight years to adults classes, and everything in between, I have made many good Italian friends and discovered much about the people. We also now run our own property management business and I also do other work like stock market commentary in English and helping people with website marketing. And I'm told that you can't teach an old dog new tricks! All I reply is that life is not a dress rehearsal so go for it!


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