Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pets in Itlay

Animals here are not treated in quite the same way as we Brits are used to at home. Dogs are used mainly for hunting wild boar and truffles, and are quite often kept chained or in kennels. Cats roam wild and are often killed on the road. We have two dogs and two cats. One of each we brought with us, both of which were animals we took from a rescue shelter. We have inherited an Italian dog called Cindy who was born in the garage of our motor mechanic, one of five and they were desperate to find homes for them. She was in a pretty poor state when we took her at barely 10weeks old although they had done their best. Our Italian cat I picked up on the highway one night driving home. It had been knocked over and I thought would not survive the night but 1year later is thriving. Butch, our own dog is the perennial wanderer and gets into all sorts of scrapes. The latest was just befor Christmas when, in temperatures -5% and snow he went missing for three days in the forest. We were very sad and thought he was gone for good. One night at about 9.30pm we received a phone call from an English gentleman asking if we had a tan labrador as he had one at his house with his lady dog (in season). He had read our phone number on his tag. Butch had travelled 15kilometres way into the wilds. We drove to collect him and he was delighted to see us! Life is never dull but there are always people who care.


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