Sunday, February 17, 2008

Il Torre Rinaldi

Castel Rinaldi

When in Rome do as the Romans do…..but while in Umbria, why not discover life in a medieval town? Castel Rinaldi, founded in 1161, offers visitors a true view into the past for those eager to experience a piece of Italy’s historic castles. Pope Clement VII stayed in Castel Rinaldi on March 30, 1533 on his way to Rome from Bologna. This castle village still remains a fortified medieval town. Castel Rinaldi is currently undergoing extensive restoration in order to preserve its cultural importance for future centuries. Its recent preservation activities include the discovery of an ancient fresco which lay hidden within the town’s church. The “Chiesa” or church in Italian, sits a few steps from Il Torre Uno. This tower served as a defensive structure in Castel Rinaldi’s rich history
The castle tower for your vacation rental has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The family room boasts a brick vaulted ceiling brilliantly crafted centuries ago and restored to its original form. Every effort has been made to restore the tower to luxurious standards, while maintaining the charm and authenticity of its past. Two very large working fireplaces warm the kitchen and family room. The kitchen adorns the charm and character of ancient times while integrated with today's conveniences. It has a dishwasher, gas appliances, refrigerator and freezer, a custom carved travertine sink, as well as, a fireplace which has the ability to work as a wood burning grille. Natural light fills the tower enhancing the beautiful hues of the stone walls, tile flooring, wood beams, and iron railings. The guest sleeping areas enjoy new, custom appointed bathrooms with oversized showers, bidets, heated towel racks, and tumbled marble tiling. Two TV’s with VCR’s and satellite access will keep you linked with the 21st century during your trip into one of Umbria’s historical treasures
Il Torre Uno awaits your future visit in order to introduce you to Italy’s past.
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