Monday, April 10, 2006

Italy, Lake Trasimeno, Walks and Wine tasting

So apart from the many historical sights, and the wonderful views, what did Hannibal and his elephants do before fighting with the Romans on the shores of the Lake?
Well, he may have taken some wonderful walks. Here are a few samplers:
1 Città della Pieve - Pobeto10 km long. Recommended for seasoned walkers.
2 Castel Rigone - Torre Fiume14 km long. There is some ascent, and the walk is recommended for seasoned walkers.
3 Ferretto - Petrignano del Lago12.5 km long. Not much ascent, the walk is recommended to anyone who wants to do it, seasoned or not.
4 La Goga di Magione - Caligiana12 km long. Not much ascent, recommended for everyone.
5 Magione - Monte Ruffiano11 km long. Although not difficult, a minimum of training is recommended.
6 Missiano - Petrarvella - Panicale12 km long. The trail is of medium difficulty and recommended to seasoned walkers.
7 Torale - Vernazzano Cima di Tuoro - Pischiello12.2 km long. Medium difficulty levels. Recomended to seasoned walkers/hikers.
8 Mongiovino - Buca del Calcinaro11 km long. The trail is difficult in some parts and is recommended to the seasoned trekker.
9 La Marzolana - Montali - Sant’Arcangelo10.5 km long. Not difficult, but anyway recommended to seasoned walkers.
10 Passignano - Poggio del Belveduto13 km long. Not difficult, but its length recommends a nice picnic lunch or stops at the various rest places.

The “Colli del Trasimeno” wine road
The "Strada del Vino dei Colli del Trasimeno" is an evocation of an immediate sensation of harmony. With your full glass, the chaos of the city is forgotten and one finds authentic values and contact with nature.
Sangiovese cultivated by the Etruscans...
The relief of the hills and the excellent exposure to the sun’s rays have characterized a microclimate which has allowed the inclusion of other grape varieties, other than the "traditional" ones, (Sangiovese, Grechetto, Trebbiano, Canajolo), in an innovative cultivation of Cabernet, White or Gray Pinot, Merlot, Chardonnay, Italian Riesling, Ciliegolo and Gamay.
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