Monday, May 29, 2006

Buying in Italy - the right experience!

We drove over the brow of the hill. "I need a comfort break" Pete said. He stopped the car and disappeared. While I was looking into the distance, I saw it. "There it is!" I shouted. By the time he came back to the car I was in floods of tears. Our little house in the hills of Petrelle in Umbria was in the distance. I held the key in my hand, hardly daring to believe it was mine. We drove up the Strada bianca, and realised it really was ours. There began an adventure of a lifetime. All of the process from start to finish and far beyond was made possible by IPN and their wonderful team. Buying a property abroad is a nerve wracking process but they made it so easy and fun. To this day, (two years later) if there is anything we need, we just call Carla, Monica or any one in the team for advice. We have become quite self sufficient now but it is good to have "Old friends" in a crisis! If you are looking for a place in Italy, we would thoroughly recoomend IPN Castello.