Saturday, December 29, 2007

Relocating to Italy, your local village.

We live in the hills about 5minutes from Trestina and so this has become our local village.
It may not be the type of village which British and Americans think of when they dream of Italy, it is not pretty, does not have cobbled streets and quaint alleyways and in fact is quite large.
HOWEVER, if you are considering relocating to Italy permanently, one really important factor to consider is how far is your nearest shop, doctor, hospital etc.
We moved to Umbria three years ago and had not explored our surroundings before we bought our house. Fate must have been on our side.
Trestina, our local village has everything which is essential for daily living from butchers, supermarkets, bread shops to hairdressers, doctors and vets.
My 84year old mother has been treated by our local village doctor and local health centre based in Trestina for a number of illnesses and when she recently suffered two very bad falls, they were absolutely magnificent. The care she received (at no cost) was far above anything I have ever seen in the UK.
Our dogs and cats are treated by the local vet. One night one of the dogs was attacked by a wild boar ( we are really in the country!) and at 1.00am I called Paolo who met us at the surgery and stitched him up.
The friendliness of everyone in the shops, bars ans restaurants is immeasurable. We have been welcomed and feel part of our local community in every way.
The village has lots of events such as pantomime, theatre shows, football matches and its own Spring and Summer festas as well as a weekly market.
We are extremely happy with life here and much is due to integrating with some great locals.