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Our wonderful chefs Emma and Mara

A site with useful information for new arrivals or people who wnat to talk to other foreigners.

International living advice, employment overseas, buying property abroad, international insurance and expatriate mortgages.Join our lively expat community today! Get help finding international insurance cover, overseas property, job opportunities abroad and investment advice, including pensions and retirement planning. Keep in touch with other expats through our forum, email discussion list and monthly newsletter.

A fantastic tour guide Cecilia offers some wonderful activities

Searching for your dream home? Contact this estate agent. They take the stress out of purchasing abroad. If you would like a property requirement form please contact us and we will pass this on to IPN who will send you some suggestions to look at before you arrive. All staff are Bi-lingual.

Umbria Online is a guide to the many different aspects of Umbria designed to act as a meeting point between demand and offer in the region, both for the tourist and for local operators in the sector. Descriptions are categorised according to each Comune, or town, with everything the tourist needs to plan a pleasant trip to Umbria.