Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The unusual side of property management in Italy!

We have been involved in a myriad of tasks since starting this business, not only the ordinary cleaning, gardening, swimming pool maintenance, meet and greet guests, cook entire menus but here are two examples of the more out of the ordinary days:
moving a Grand Piano in a snowstorm up a 5kilometre white road.
removing a bee swarm from inside some shutters in a house, (the upside was great honey!).
The latest was by far the most unusual request.
One of our clients was making a film in Canada and was prompted by the cast to take one of the props and ship it to his house in Italy. This just happened to be a full size Gondola!
The attached pictures show my husband and our wonderful builder's merchant preparing the crate for its final journey up yet anothe rmountain to its resting place.
Life is never dull or perhaps I should say a Life less ordinary!

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